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Small businesses have a significant impact on the economy. You provide jobs to your communities and innovation to your industries. Our consultants take pride in helping founders and CEOs navigate common pitfalls as they build and scale their businesses. We understand this can take work, determination, and the right resources to be successful. Our job is to provide the right advice and tools to make your journey easier. Helping you succeed in your business allows us to grow as a community and country.

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Meet The Team

Korey Paraison

Senior Small Business Consultant 

"The Data Nerd" started his career as a junior sales rep for a large marketing corporation during his senior year in high school. There is when he became infatuated with small business growth and later pursued a business degree at Delaware State University. With no shortage of passion, Korey has spent the past thirteen years working with over twenty small business owners in various industries to implement growth strategies in their businesses. Today as the senior consultant, he is excited to see what he can do for your business.

Bailey Craven

Senior Technical Operations Consultant 

"The Tech Guy" grew up interested in technology, Bailey built his first computer at age ten and had one combust into flames by age fifteen. It was destined for him to do great things in technology. He has successfully launched numerous technology projects across various industries. He knows just how to keep costs effective while streamlining businesses technical needs. Of course, if you see a bug running around, let him know.

Ryan Batts

Senior Human Resources Consultant 

"The Team Therapist" started his career with an associate's degree in Social Work from Miami Dade College after he migrated to FIU to pursue a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology. While completing his degree, he stumbled across Industrial/organizational psychology. Deciding to double major, he obtained a degree in Industrial/ organizational psychology with a Certificate in conflict and dispute, which is how he developed his interest in Human Resources.